Playing with MapBox and DigitalGlobe

Get it while it’s hot! My Beta API key will expire in a week, but until then – enjoy!

Here is a static map to check out:

DigitalGlobe imagery via Mapbox API

DigitalGlobe imagery via Mapbox API


And here is something more fun:

11 People I Want to Meet

One of my main goals is to learn and grow personally. The potential best way to do that is to talk to smart people. Here is a list of the people I would love to meet:

Steve Blank – Lean Launchpad
Rich Devaul – Google
Nir Eyal – Nir and Far
Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Everything
Ryan Hoover – Product Hunt
Kevin Kelly – Wired
Dean Oliver – Basketball on Paper
Rolf Potts – Vagabonding
Sebastian Thrun – Udacity
Chris Urmson – Google
Max Ventilla – AltSchool

Hello World!

This is where I plan on sharing thoughts I have on technology, startups, space, design, and life! I have had a few ideas percolating for a while and I’ll get them ‘on paper’ shortly. Thanks for reading :)